Kalian Lo is a photographer based in France. Raised in “the pink city” of Toulouse, she graduated from the E.T.P.A school of photography in 2007. Kalian has always had her sights firmly set on the horizon. While living and working abroad, she has developed her creative voice by travelling to different locations and meeting people from all walks of life. This has fuelled a true passion to document her experiences and interactions.
While a student in 2006, Kalian's started to establish her artistic approach and shifted to traditional and instant film after a one time opportunity to work on Sarah's Moon set at the Daylight Studio in Paris. This experience solidified Kalian's style and propelled her to experiment with a variety of cameras, none leaving a more permanent mark then that of Polaroid. This technique instantly allows her to capture a unique visual experience involving vivid colours and dramatic textures through the magic of chemical uncertainty.
Kalian now a master of portraiture is also fascinated by the abandoned factories and houses of our time. Always in search of the next artefact or hidden gem, left behind by the people of yesteryear. The combination of colours in each location creates a fascinating world where imagination allows you to move through empty rooms, factory floors and courtyards with a ghost like perspective. This compels you to develop an awareness of the people who once lived or worked there through the heirlooms,  and subtle detail of these dilapidated locations.
With an unquenchable thirst for travel and an obsessive interest in experiencing contrasting cultures, she has documented all through her lens. Her work has allowed her to travel to locations as varied as Australia, Poland, Indonesia, The Ivory Coast and the United States. She has also exhibited her work in countries such as Germany, Canada, France and Ireland to name but a few. Kalian describes: “putting myself in places as vastly different as Indonesia to the Ivory Coast or from Ireland to the Ukraine is in a word intoxicating. Each new location further galvanises my love for the art of photography”.
Kalian continues to travel and document her experiences through her textually complex and visually stunning body of work.
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